School visits – plan for emergencies

How well are you prepared for off site visit emergencies?

Schools have well prepared and practiced plans for a range of emergencies and these have been expanded in recent years to include site lockdowns in many schools.

However as the main school visit term is about to start, how many schools have properly covered this issue within their Critical Incident Plan, to cover a range of incidents that could occur on a school off site visit.

An over view of the plan and how to develop your existing plans is covered in the OEAP National Guidance document Off site visit emergencies – the Establishment Role, Document 4.1b.

This section in page 2 is worth a read alongside your current plan and see if improvements can be made.

Download Off-Site visit emergencies – the Establishment’s Role »

“Your Employer should have a Critical Incident Plan for Off-Site Visits. It should comprise an action plan that can be adapted to deal with any given Critical Incident. Your Establishment should consider the extent to which your Employer’s plan provides sufficient detail about managing any Emergencies that may occur in the course of outdoor learning, offsite visits and learning outside the classroom.”

This document can be found in OEAP National Guidance Section 4 – Good Practice.

This folder contains a range of documents that assist employers in establishing appropriate systems for managing and delivering outdoor learning, off-site visits and LOtC – giving staff confidence that they are being supported by appropriate guidance and advice.