VESN members

The VESN network comprises of five outdoor education advisers. All are highly experienced in their role, are all full members of the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel and have a wealth of relevant knowledge and expertise.

All advisers deliver training to EVCs (Educational visit coordinators) and provide schools and academies with advice and support.

National Guidance focus

All VESN advisers follow National Guidance about school visits.

It is strongly recommend to VESN covered schools that EVC and SLT members should undertake the OEAP “Responding to  a School Visit Emergency” Course.

The VESN network is only available to schools working with the advisers listed below

  • Stephen Brown – Cambridgeshire County Council (01480 379677)
  • Mike Fawcett – Schools in Northamptonshire (01873 860225)
  • Ian Roberts – Academies in Bedford Borough (01234 718299)
  • Martin Smith – Greenwood Academies Trust (07712 402681)
  • Neil Wilson – Schools in Warwickshire / Midlands (07496 574226).

How VESN work with schools

Schools will receive their local VESN details and information with emergency contacts and out of hours details from their adviser.

This allows schools, working with their adviser, to access this network, so that should an emergency occur, the VESN network can ensure that schools have access to appropriate advice and support.

Please note: this website provides information about VESN but no direct contact with a schools adviser. Please speak to your local outdoor education advisor if you have not yet received your VESN pack.

If you have any questions, please contact VESN »